3 – Etsy Courses

I have some course recommendations today, and they are not mine.

You have seen me putting stuff up on Etsy recently right? So I took this course on Skillshare to give myself a nudge in the right direction.

Image of Etsy selling course by Parker Gard on SkillshareBuilding an Etsy Shop that Sells: Strategies for E-Commerce Success

The course is by Parker Gard, the Video Content Producer at Etsy. It covers the basics in creating a brand, a little bit about visual marketing and getting discovered. Not a bad little course. Time to complete is about 30 minutes. I would recommend it.

For something a little more involved, I would recommend the following course.

Image of Etsy selling course by Melanie Greenwood on SkillshareHow To Sell Your Art On Etsy in 2017

Course created by Melanie Greenwood, the Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio, and holy crap is this one long. Like not just long, its over 4 hours long! I had to take it in a few goes over a week. But Melanie covers absolutely everything. From creating the listings, tag use, product photography and shipping in insane detail. Definitely a course to recommend, but make some space in your calendar to take it.

The sign up for Skillshare is $0.99 for 3 months with no obligation to continue longer than that. Certainly worth it for those two courses. I certainly need to tidy up both my tags and listing text, but I am pretty happy with the images of the products.

Have you ever given Etsy a go yourself? Ever done a course on Etsy selling you would recommend? Let me know below, Etsy selling is something I am keen to push on with.