At Your Service

The Little Fears are for hire or reward.

We base our tales on people, places, projects, products and other things beginning with P. As such we can feature your blog, product, venue, book or other thing in need promotional yayness in a story with doodle related. The little fears have quite a following for a project which began in earnest on the 27 of December 2016.

You can also hire the Little Fears to perform any of the following digital and real world services.

Blogging Services
Sponsored posts, brand ambassadorships and representation, product and event reviews and social media promotion.

Digital Services
Social Media Management, social media set up, social media advertising, blog management, website building, staff training in digital marketing and blogger reviews.

Real World Services
Magazine and newspaper features, negotiating advertising costs, creating banners and posters, store promotions, T Shirt design & supply, shows & events, PC building, software set up and product & client sourcing.

Storytelling Services

Writing articles, writing fictional tales, writing brand stories, writing scripts, product and location photography, mixed media art and design.

In Context

We are a featured illustrator on, a top writer in the Art, Fiction and Short Story on Medium and in the top 5 recommended Fiction, Flash Fiction and Short Story Tumblr blogs.

The Audience
In numbers built between dates 27/12/16 and 11/3/17

WordPress 6059 1000
Instagram 739
Medium 1300
Twitter 5976
DeviantArt 62
Diaspora 2
Etsy 134
Facebook 30
Flickr 119
G+ 98
Pinterest 13
LinkedIn 3464
SkillShare 132
Tumblr 2058
YouTube 14
Total Following 21200